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Acknowledging you have a problem is typically the most intimidating part of seeking treatment. But when it comes to hearing loss, attending your hearing appointments can be just as overwhelming and nerve-wracking.  

Here are NewSound Hearing Centers, we understand. Accepting you have hearing loss is a big first step and getting help can be just as big of a step. That’s why we want to pull back the curtain and reveal what you can expect from our clinic. That way, you can attend your appointment feeling comfortable and confident. 

Your First Hearing Appointment at NewSound Hearing Centers 

So, first things first, congratulations! You’ve taken your first steps towards better hearing. NewSound Hearing Centers is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of hearing products and services designed to help you hear your best. But before we can do that, we need to get to know your individual hearing situation. 

We get to know you at NewSound Hearing Centers 

At the start of your first appointment with us, our specialist will get to know you and your unique hearing challenges. It’s important to understand how your hearing impacts your life so that you and your specialist can work together to find a solution.  

Next, your hearing specialist will conduct the “exam” part of your appointment. This part will include a hearing test and a comprehensive examination of your ears. 

First, your hearing specialist will perform both a physical and video examination of your ears. Sometimes, physical factors like earwax accumulation, trauma and infection can trigger hearing loss. This comprehensive examination will help your provider identify or rule out any physical causes of hearing loss.  

Then, you’ll take a hearing test. For the hearing test, you’ll listen to a series of sounds and auditory cues. This part of the appointment assesses your ability to hear sounds, your sensitivity to them, and your ability to comprehend what sounds you do hear.  

We discuss treatment options 

After your test, your hearing specialist will discuss your results and how your hearing difficulties relate to your results. They will also answer any questions you may have. 

At this point, if you do have hearing loss, your hearing specialist will get to work creating your unique treatment plan. They will present you with their treatment plan recommendations, staying mindful of your aesthetic preferences and your budget. 

And if they don’t detect any hearing loss, they’ll schedule your next routine hearing test to continue monitoring your hearing health. 

Nervous about your first appointment? You’re welcome to bring a relative and loved one who‘s familiar with your hearing situation, especially if they can bring you additional peace of mind. They can help answer questions you don’t have an answer for, or even ask questions you didn’t think to ask. Our hearing specialists are more than happy to accommodate our patients and their comfort levels. 

Ongoing Hearing Care at NewSound Hearing Centers 

We realize you’ve arrived at an important decision in your life: to reconnect with the sounds of the world around you. Our personalized approach reflects that. 

Our mission 

Our mission is driven by the needs of our patients and our commitment to serve them. We are committed to your satisfaction through consistent, comprehensive care and products that help you hear your best. 

Custom care and solutions 

Hearing aids have a direct impact on patient satisfaction. Last year, 80% of national hearing aid purchases were completely, 100% satisfied. So, what is the secret to that satisfaction? Precise, custom solutions. 

  • Precise: A prescription suited to your unique hearing situation, like prescription eyeglasses or contacts 
  • Custom: Made just for you and no one else 
  • Solution: Our products and services work in real life and real-time 

At NewSound Hearing Centers, we want to help you hear what 100% satisfaction sounds like. 

Guaranteed product and service quality 

At NewSound Hearing Centers, we strive to continuously improve the performance, quality and value of our products and services through continuous innovation. We want to support you throughout the life of your hearing aids and guarantee a higher trade-in value of your hearing aids. As a result, we offer: 

  • 30-day standard evaluation period on all hearing aid fittings (45 days for the states of CA, WI, NM and MN) 
  • 60-day exchange period for a different size or style of hearing aids 
  • Comprehensive warranty plans that cover: 
    • Unlimited cleanings and adjustments 
    • Loss protection up to 1-year 
    • Corrosion and moisture protection 
    • Remote fitting adjustments 
    • Free software updates for the life of your hearing aids 
  • Unlimited office visits and hearing aid evaluations (while under warranty) 
  • Loaner hearing aids in the event your devices require manufacturer repair (while under warranty; in-stock conditions apply) 
  • Guaranteed trade-in value of your hearing aids 

Take Your First Step Towards Better Hearing Today 

We want to assure you that whether you’re coming in for your first hearing appointment or your fifth, we will treat you with the respect, compassion and attention you deserve. Here at NewSound Hearing Centers, we know how critical your hearing is to your everyday life. It shapes your relationships, career performance, informs your physical safety, affects your mental health and does so much more. That’s why we want you to keep hearing your best. 

If you’re ready to take your hearing health seriously, schedule an appointment with one of our providers today.

Not quite ready to schedule an in-person appointment? That’s okay. We also offer a FREE online hearing test!

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I do want to Say thank you To Mr. Specialist Larry Espinoza for Doing a really Good job providing Excellent Service🙏👍

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Friendly polite staff :) Knowledgeable an an great service 😃

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awesome experience. Friendly staff and a knowledgeable specialist.

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Excellent services. Larry is very professional and courteous and compassionate towards his patients, my mom has been a patient of this service for 5 years now, Larry was very kind towards my mom who is 97 years old now, and hard of hearing. I would recommend Larry's services to anyone...

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Always nice and attractive. Great customer service

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Thank you soooooo much, sour mother can hear👂already ❤️🙏❤️ you have no idea what a blessing and what a relief it is that she can hear. I was so tired of raising my voice to her because she couldn't hear us. Your staff especially Karla was very nice and met...

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